Distech Controls Developer Tools

Open to Third-party
Application Developers

Bridging OT and IT world to enable advanced
intelligent building solution for various stakeholders

Mobile application design.

Development tools that allows you to create your own mobile app (iOS and Android™) to easily communicate with the ECLYPSE™ Sky Ecosystem devices (Allure UNITOUCH™ or EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE) via Bluetooth® low energy technology.


  • ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem SDK: Design your mobile app, with its own look and feel, and add comfort management options to offer a unique occupant experience.

  • my PERSONIFY deep-link: Extend your custom mobile apps by embedding my PERSONIFY comfort features.


On-premise IT solutions.
With the ECLYPSE RESTful API, exchange data between ECLYPSE controllers and webbased applications providing on premise tailored solutions such as controller configuration, building analytics, and much more.


  • Read/Write BACnet objects.

  • Update EC-gfxProgram and ENVYSION projects and upload controller configurations.

  • Optimize communication by grouping multiple RESTful API requests into one single request.


Cloud-based IT solutions.
Enable secure connectivity between ECLYPSE controllers and Microsoft® Azure cloud with ECLYPSE Azure IoT Hub.


  • Access to ECLYPSE controllers from the cloud using the RESTful API.
  • Populate your “data lake” hosted on Microsoft Azure, from the ECLYPSE controllers.
  • Secure connectivity to the cloud using a permanent encrypted outbound connection.
  • We offer the connection; you choose your Microsoft Azure cloud subscription plan!