Distech Controls Developer Tools

Digital Transformation of the Building Industry

We at Distech Controls have always been committed to providing open technologies. The Distech Controls Developer Tools is our way to open our solution to the IoT world for developers to access tools and resources that build and expand the capabilities of today and tomorrow’s buildings.

Mobile apps integration

Enabling building owners to create occupant-focused mobile apps that drive occupant satisfaction.
The following solutions are intended for professional mobile application developers.

Access the my Personify Deep-Link
Access the ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem SDK

System-level integration

Tools to provide a simplified communication between OT and IT systems on premise and enable date exchange between OT system and 3rd parties cloud-based solutions.

IoT Hub
Access the ECLYPSE Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub Connector
Access the ECLYPSE RESTful API

Embedded digital services & IoT connectivity

Dedicated space within an HVAC controller where IoT/ AI 3rd party developers can design and implement different features to provide more value.

IoT Edge Docker Container