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Distech Controls Developer Portal

Enable the Digital Transformation of Commercial Buildings

We at Distech Controls have always been committed to providing open technologies. The Distech Controls Developer Portal is our way to open our solution to the IoT world for developers to access tools and resources that build and expand the capabilities of today and tomorrow’s buildings.

A wide range of technologies
available to meet specific needs

Wide Range of Tech


Enabling building owners to create occupant-focused mobile apps that drive occupant satisfaction.
The following solutions are intended for professional mobile application developers.

my Personify Deep-Link

With my PERSONIFY Deep-Link, developers can now link the my PERSONIFY app within their client’s own mobile app. Occupants will be able to launch my PERSONIFY from within another occupant-focused application designed for their specific needs.

ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem SDK
The ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem SDK enables software developers to create apps, with their customer’s branding, that simply and securely connect to the building infrastructure through the ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem.

Enabling system-level integration

Are you a developer? Here are two tools just for you!

Documented RESTful API for ECLYPSE Connected Controllers enables software developers to easily create custom solutions and applications that leverage the controllers’ data.

Use cases:
Create custom mobile apps, energy dashboards and analytical tools.
IoT Hub
ECLYPSE Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub Connector
ECLYPSE Connected Controllers can now open secure connection to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub Connector. Cloud developers will now be able to build unique applications leveraging ECLYPSE data!

Use cases:
Collect sensor information, connect the data to cloud-based applications to provide business and building insights.